Our Commitment to Stopping the COVID-19 Spread

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COVID-19 Testing

We offer COVID-19 Testing for ALL clients upon arrival, as well as weekly testing at no cost to you. It is a proven fact that vigilant testing helps keep down transmission rates. We use BRIO Clinical as our chosen Lab, and most major insurances our accepted. The results are then emailed directly to you in as little as 1 day.

Responsive Testing. Rapid Results.

Our Part

This is what we are doing to help STOP THE SPREAD!

Masking Up

Masks are absolutely REQUIRED upon entering or exiting the building, to keep any potential spread at a minimum. Social distancing and cleanliness are also a must!


We partnered with Brio Clinical Labs so that we can offer free testing to all Elevate Recovery Clients to ensure that nobody is bringing the virus back home.

Contactless Care

Out Patient groups and Doctors appointments are now held over ZOOM & Telehealth to keep physical contact down, Keeping everybody safe and healthy.

Contact us for more info about our covid-19 testing program