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Serving the LA community for 10+ years

welcome to our HOUSE:

Our Mission of Love and compassion

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We know what it's like to need help. Chances are, we've been exactly where you or a family member are sitting right now. Looking desperately for help, or searching even more desperately for a loved one.  

Drug & Alcohol Treatment centers in the United States right now are in a bad state. Corruption and human trafficking are running rampant. Centers want clients overly medicated and stuck in an endless cycle of addiction, detox, sober living, relapse, then detox again. The lucky ones make it back to detox, anyway, and the even luckier ones find a program that allows them to grow and escape the cycle.

So the question then becomes, where do you send yourself or loved ones to get help? This is a vast and scary terrain to traverse, and it can become overwhelming extremely fast. Phoning a helpline, will only lead you to a for-profit call center, where a money hungry, manipulative sales agent will attempt to pawn you off to the highest bidder. It's a dark market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fight day in & day out against these perversions of humanity. We exist solely because, somebody was there to help us in our darkest of moments to grow into productive members of society. By helping one another, we no longer have to fumble around in the darkness by ourselves as our disease fills the pockets of greedy business sharks. Elevate was created for its patients to discover and live a new lifestyle whilst entering the world and exiting the substance abuse treatment cycle.

our vision

Striving for a better tomorrow

We intend to give our patients more freedom with a watchful and trustworthy eye under the same roof. We push individuals to create a list of goals both pertaining to recovery and everything in life outside of recovery. Substance abuse recovery is important, but so are hobbies, healthy entertainment, responsibilities, and social and professional circles and activities. Our main goal is to reveal our clients to a new and successful world that they have created for themselves within society.

What we do

Helping people stay sober for 10+yrs

Recovery isn't only about sobriety. It's about what you do, think, and how you act while being sober. We start by creating structure within the house. Individuals have scheduled groups every weekday, as well as daily AA/NA meetings to attend, weekly therapy sessions, and shared chores among the household. We strive for our clients to look outside the box of recovery and focus on the steps and goals required to responsibly grow both professionally and spiritually as well. If all of these elements are taken seriously and worked on each day, then they are more likely to break the addiction treatment cycle and create the lives they have always dreamed of.

welcome to YOUR NEW LIFE:

The benefits of Sober Living:

find fulfillment and joy

Sober living allows individuals to become a part of a fellowship that understands what they are going through. Patients attending Elevate will have the time and opportunities to focus on their own personal big picture of life. While we focus mostly on recovery, we also push our clients to take advantage of rent paid scholarships so they may work hard save their income, allowing them to exit treatment in the future and begin their lives on a solid structure that they, themselves have created alongside like-minded roommates.

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Together we can beat this

It is extremely rare that an addict or alcoholic is able to beat this disease alone. Not to say that it's impossible, but we need each other if we are to have a change at overcoming the clutches of addiction.

A responsibility to yourself & your peers

It only takes one negative person to throw off the energy of the entire house. Much in the same, positivity is infectious to those around you. We owe it to each other to uplift and be compassionate to one another while we walk the road to recovery together. Respect and gratitude are of the utmost importance, and we will not tolerate anything less. These principles are paramount to maintaining a safe & healthy environment for all clients.

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All are welcome

We support people of all genders, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religions. We accept you for who you are. You are safe here.

Things to keep in mind

Beverly Hills: Los Angeles, CA

Located in the lush, cozy neighborhood of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, CA.

We Accept Most Insurance

We accept most private insurance and PPO policies. We respond quickly to insurance inquires.

Fast Response

We are quick to respond on the phone and with insurance inquires. We can check your policy in an hour or less.

Diet Options

We offer diverse diet options. If you're a vegan, tying to eat healthy, or put on some pounds, we can help with that.

Always Available

Someone is available to answer the phone whenever you need it. Just drop us a line! Call or Text.


Call or text anytime. Don't wait to make a call that could change or save your life. Just drop us a line, and tell us that you found us through our website!

OUR TEAM Members

meet our Inspirational team

Casey Martinez

Casey Martinez

Owner / Founder

The creator of Elevate To Recovery, and the director of operations. He's been in the business of changing lives for a decade, and is a staple in the Los Angeles Sober Living community, and known by grateful clients nationwide.

RJ Johnson

RJ Johnson

Female House Manager

Originally a Detroit native. As a competitive figure skater, I know how to face fears and adversity. I am a fully Licensed phlebotomist and certified to work in Treatment via RAD-T.

Danny Thomas

Danny Thomas

Male House Manager

Born in San Diego in 1996, I was raised on the East Coast, moved back to the west to get sober. I've been with Casey for 2 years now. He and this house have been a huge contributor to my sobriety and success. I'm here to repay the gifts that were freely given to me. I trust Casey M. with my life, and I always will. I am a fully Licensed and certified to work in Treatment via RAD-T.